Python Pipeline not working on newly installed server!?

Hi all,

I have set up a new fresh single-node install of Seatable Enterprise 4.4.9, and after the initial docker-compose up (everything worked fine) I added the python pipeline (using python-scheduler:3.1.0 and python-starter:3.1.1). However when I try to run a simple python command like 'print("hello) ', I get the error “error: Error: <!-- IE friendly error message walkround.”

The setup does not use caddy but a separate dedicated nginx reverse proxy. The whole server is behind a coporate proxy server.

Any idea how to debug? I have been struggling with this for many, many hours… :frowning:

Thanks a lot!


To add some info: Running any python script from the web interface I get an 504 error:


Where in the logs can I see which call in the seatable-server docker container ended in the Gateway timeout? I assume it is triggered by dtable-web, or? To me it looks like the problem might be connected to the proxy environment (proxy, not the reverse proxy!), but I cannot find the url that is causative.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Hey Simon,
all python-pipeline containers have their own logs. Increase the log level and check with
docker logs <container-name> -f

Did you also check this document? This explains in more details the workflow of the python-pipeline.

Sorry for my late reply. Finally, I could solve the problem by removing caddy from the docker-compose file and replacing it with a classical nginx reverse proxy configuration. Obviously the caddy configuration did not fit to our (a little complicated) local network infrastructure which uses a proxy server for all outgoing traffic. Maybe it’s also possible with some tweaks in caddy, but since nginx is working fine, I stopped the analysis at this point.



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