Query with SQL Post returns wrong values on formulas

Hi there,
I use the cloud version (39250/Toggl/TimeEntries)
I defined some columns using a rollup formula.

The Query with SQL API endpoint returns me null for the column.
The SQL query is as simple as select * from Orders.

The problem is visible using the SQL plugin where the column containing the rollup formula remains empty whereas it is correctly displayed in the view.
I’ve seen this topic : Filtering rows that contain a Rollup formula - #7 by jellederijke
But I have the same problem if I use a number column or a formula column for the sum function :roll_eyes:

Would you help me to figure at what’s wrong here ?

I cannot reproduce the issue.

Can you export the base and send it to support@seatable.io? (You can delete all irrelevant tables/columns. Several rows are also enought.)

After analysis, I confirm that there is a problem with roll-up columns in the SQL plugin. It seems that conditions in roll-up are not properly processed. A ticket has been opened.

Could you please provide more details about the issue?
Like the rollup refered the column “seconds”, what’s the “seconds” column’s setting?
Please provide more details so that we can help you solve the problem.

I check your cloumn setting, I found there is something wrong with your column “category 1”, the formula mid only support 3 params, but you fill 4, so that makes the conditions not meet expectations. So you should update your column “category 1”, make sure only 3 params are input.

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