Question about migrating bases with dtable-storage-server


I read in the 3.0 release notes about dtable-storage-server with great excitement. My /opt/seatable folder has grown to over 110 GB, with only a single base of <6000 rows, and containing no files (other than embedded pictures in long text fields) which is getting to be a lot.

I followed the instructions on the upgrade manual page, and I see the following in the release notes:

A migration of the existing bases into the dtable-storage-server is recommended. For a small number of bases, the export into a DTABLE file and the re-import into a new base is the simplest procedure.

My base won’t export due to being >100mb. If I copy the base, will the new copy use the dtable-storage-server so that I can take advantage of the storage efficiencies? If not, are there other ways to migrate?