Question about Seatable FAAS license for k8s install


as I want to remove my compose setups I just managed to run seatable-faas-scheduler in a kubernetes cluster. To achieve this I had to adjust some of the scripts that are running in it. That brought me to the question about the license. Am I allowed to publish any of the changes?
Basically my changes just allow some more options to be set via env variables and change a directory to be shared between the new seatable-python-runner image and a docker-dind sidecar container. Also the start and init scripts are combined to a new entrypoint script.

My goal would be a helm chart and allow to run it via helm install. Also the runner could scale up and down easier.

The code of seatable-faas-scheduler is quite simple.There are no strict limitation regarding seatable-faas-scheduler. You can modify it and publish a modified version as you like.

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