Question regarding Data Collection Form

I do have a question regarding the data collection form. I hope it was not already answered elsewhere, if so I couldn’t find it. What is the thought behind the limitation that users can only edit their own records, or better put, why is there no option to choose that users can also edit a set of records prepared for them? I think about use cases like ratings for example. You prepare a set of data and want to collect their ratings for them (think movies, songs etc. for example). With a traditional form this is not doable and with the collection form It seems that it’s impossible to let them add data to a record that was not created by the specific users themselves. Or maybe there is a way to transfer “creatorship” of a record somehow that I’m not aware of?

Thanks for clarification!

PS: I also want to mention here that I hope my inputs are welcome on this board and not regarded as annoying complaints. On the opposite, I’m a big fan of SeaTable and hope to be able to contribute to help it unfold it’s almost limitless potential :wink:

The rationale behind data collection forms is that users can update “their” records (=records created by them) in a base that also contains records that are not for them to see. Image you create a record by a traditional web form and then a year later you can update your record.

This can be done! Create a separate view that filters for a user’s ID and share this view with the users in question.

The user ID filter is available for text and collaborator columns. In a collaborator column, you can select users from a list. In a text column you can enter a user’s team ID (which in turn can be set in the team administration).

Thanks for your reply. I understand that there are possibilities to do what I had in mind but they are unfortunately (for me) locked behind the Enterprise License Plan (share a view with a user) which is just not within the reach of a purely hobbyist user for non-commercial use cases. I’m aware that you have to protect you intellectual property though and have to stay on top of monetization for all the efforts you put into this platform. Generally speaking I think the DE Edition is already a quite generous offer.

Glad you see it this way.

You are aware that you can use SeaTable EE with up to 3 users free of charge? The 10-user license is 400€. Aren’t this very hobby-friendly conditions?

I’m aware and I guess it is. For strictly fun projects though with a group of 50-100 friends this will still go far beyond any reasonable or justifiable figure. I will gratefully work with the tools the DE has to offer and maybe one day, if more serious ideas or projects come up, jump the EE bandwagon :slight_smile:

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