Quick filter with multi-terms

often I have to search for a set of rows with multiple conditions (maybe a client and a city).
I see the filter menu, but it is time consuming to set up.
On the other hand, the search menu is limited to a single term and it is more a Ctrl-F that just highlight the term and it doesn’t narrow the recordset.

What I’m missing is a multi quick search where every term is searched with an “and” logic.
A search for “Smith Lond” will filter all records that contain both substring “Smith” and “Lond”.
I would not bother with regex or fuzzy search.


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You can click “Search all tables”. It search “and” logic as you described.


Yes I see.
But what I think would be more useful (at least for my specific way of working) is the search just in the current table.
I imagine the behaviour of the filter (which narrows the recordset based on multiple conditions) and the immediate response of the “search”.

You have two options to achieve the thing you want to do:
a.) You use the search @daniel.pan pointed out
b.) You use two or more filters

The kind of search you have in mind, a search across multiple columns right in the table view, SeaTable currently does not support

We may add this in the future (including a switch to hide all rows which do not contain the search terms). But it’s not planned for the immediate future.