Rebranding of SeaTable Community Forum

We all know that SeaTable Community Forum is a significant platform for information exchange around SeaTable. In the next few days we will optimize and adjust the design and structure of our Discourse Forum.

Here are the most important changes:

  • The home page now shows not only simply a list of the latest forum posts, but also the categories and subcategories.
  • The categories and subcategories have been revised and sharpen the focus on the respective target group. Thus, there are the sections User Talk, Admin Talk and Developer Talk.
  • In addition, forum posts can be tagged in the future to simplify the search for topics with similar content.
  • The moderators of this forum now have a small additional icon next to their avatar image. This way the answers of experts will be highlighted.
  • The forum will still get a footer and a header on the start page
  • When updating the forum, you will be shown an appropriate maintenance page instead of a meaningless error message.

We hope you like the changes, and we are excited about your feedback.


I cannot say if I (would) like this new look and feel, because I just joined a few says before. So I do not have real experiance with the old forum to compare both. For this reason the change was a little bit confusing because I just lerned the other (more or less).

What I am missing (do not know if this exist before) is the category or subcategory “BUGS”. And when I want to add a new topic I cannot create an “optional tag”. No button and pressing return does not work as well.


I sure that you will adapt and like the new structure of the forum in no time.

We decided to remove the generic category “bugs” in favor for many subcategories. The reason is quite simple: this forum has already many hundred of topics and in the post most people just posted it in the category “bug” or “feature request”. These categories does not help at all to find again topics from the past.
If you still think you detected a bug, just comment in the main category “user talk”, “admin talk” or “developer talk” - I will then assign a subcategory if possible.

Users with no trust are not allowed to create new tags. But you could choose from more than 30 different tags to make the topic as concrete as possible.

Best regards

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