Refering to URL of current entry in automation rule

Good morning.

When opening an entry, you can get the URL to that very entry by clicking the little button on top of the window. (see image)

Now the question/request:

Is it somehow possible to refer to this URL in an automation rule like you would to a column? Something like {show url to enty}?

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Absolutely! Use a script!

SeaTable’s scripting engine provides the context object for this purpose:

I used these objects already inside scripts. Was not aware, I could get the URL from that as well. Will try. Thank you.

But this already leads to the next question: how to run a script, get the URL and then pass that to the mail function? Or do I have to script the whole process?

No, you don’t. But you get the table ID and the row ID, the principal ingredients for the row URL.

If you don’t want to script the entire process, write the URL in a separate column and run an automation on this column.

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Ahh, great idea. Will try today.

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