Replication between 2 Bases

Hello everyone,
I have been testing Seatable and I am impressed.

I have a question.

Let’s say I have a Base called Employees and another base called Salaries.
I want to replicate 2 columns (name,lastname) from the base “Employees” to the base “Salaries”.
So as soon as I enter a new employee in the first Base, it will automatically be added to the second base.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Arjon, welcome to the Seafile Forum.
Pleased to hear that you are impressed!
Such replication is possible (will be possible soon). You can use something like Zapier. That’s the easy way. Another option is a script that you can run. For more infos on scripting in SeaTable, see the scripting manual.

Thank you rdb.

Could this be achieved with linking? Can I link columns from a base to another base?

I know what you mean, but neither links across bases nor automations are not available in SeaTable. Sorry!
This said: SeaTable is developing very fast! When I say “are not available”, you should hear “not yet available”.

Please have a look at this thread: Error: SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Isn’t this what you wanted to do?

Indeed this is what I’m looking for.

I appreciate your help!

:ok_hand:t2: Glad I could help!

If you are using self-hosted version, there is a feature called “common dataset” that can sync part of a base to another base. You can first publish a view in base 1 as a common dataset, then import it in base 2. After imported, there is a button for you to perform a manual sync when base 1 is updated.

In our own use case, we publish employee information as a common dataset. Some users publish customer list as a common dataset to be used in multiple bases.

This seems like a good feature but wouldn’t work for me because in the second base, I have more columns. If I sync, it will delete these extra columns.

I was able to find the way to save a Common Dataset. I can also see it in my workspace under ‘Common Datasets’ but how do I actually import it into another base? Somehow I cannot find a way to do this :thinking:

Two preconditions must be met before you can share a view as a common dataset:

  1. The base is in a group
  2. You are the admin of this group.

Go to the base, choose the view you’d like to publish as a common dataset, and go to the view setting’s end where the three points menu can be opened:

Thank you Karlheinz!

As I wrote, I was already able to publish the Dataset but I don’t know how to import it into another base!?

You are right! I read too fast…

In a group that has permission to the common dataset, open a base and create a new table: normally when you create a new table, you only have two options: create an empty table, or import a CSV. But here, you’ll have a third option: Import common dataset:


After it’s imported, the table menu of this one will have the entry “Sync”:

Aah, now I got it. I had to set a group permission first. Seems like a cool feature, will test it out.

Thanks for your help!

Interesting feature. Is there any way to make the sync automatic or scheduled ?

Perhaps with scripts? But I’m not sure, am not an expert in scripts yet…

Any possibility with a cron job calling the API?

Good question!
As we haven’t enabled common dataset on yet, we don’t have this part of the API documentation yet.
But our partner in China has it in their API documentation, fortunately it’s also in English:
Seafile Server

I shall encourage you to give it a try in your own instance!

Last but not least, for anyone who’s interested in the SeaTable API, our API documentations are here (not complete yet, but we’re 85% finished):

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I’ve discovered that common datasets are fully functional in the cloud (Enterprise version) and used it for the last few days and it’s SO GOOD. thank you so much for your amazing work, Seatable team!

Thank you for your kind words!