Require checking a checkbox in a webform

Hi, i have 3 checkboxes in the webform that need to be checked by the user to procceed for “submit”. I marked them as required in the form, however the user is still able to submit the form without checking the boxed. Is there a workaround?


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“Required” for other types of fields means the user should input a value for the field. For checkbox, there are two possible values: false or true. Unchecked means false. So for checkbox, “Required” is not needed in this sense.

If you mean the user must set the checkbox to value true, there is no such a feature yet.

hi daniel,

thanks for your reply - would be create to have it in a future release to listen to a checkbox and only continue when checkbox is true.

Would help with sign up forms (GDPR and such)


We will implement such a feature in a future release.

Just a thought: would it be possible to use the “Show field only when conditions are met” option and set it to “checked”? Other fields will only then appear if checked.

You can give it a test.

didn’t really work unfortunately, but looking fwd to see it in a realease

good thought, however there is still the issue of being able to submit without checking e.g. the last box

I got good news for you: The requested “Enforce check” for checkboxes will be part of SeaTable 3.3.


Please have a look at the “Must be checked” option for checkboxes in SeaTable 3.3

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