Results of formulas not visible in PDF export (page design)

Results of formulas are not visible in PDF export (page design)

Page design only shows the results of formulas in the print view but not in the PDF export. I have made sure that the formatting is set as number or currency. Unfortunately without result.

Columns of the type: Formula for links, however, are displayed correctly.

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Can you please tell me which formula you use and how you export the PDF?

I have just tested it and was able to export the PDF with a formula without any problems.

Hey fsa, thanks for the quick response. This happens with nearly all the functions I put in. From Simple multiplications to complex linked formulars. My goal is to create an offer with the page design Plugin. Everything looks fine in the preview, same when I hit print, but when I use the export PDF Button out of the page desing plugin, all numbers created by Formulars disappear. Thats really frustrating especially because i want to create an E-mail automation via the function: Save PDF in column and send by email. This also doesn’t work for the same reasons. Thx for your time, best Vincent

I create offers and other documents with SeaTable - no issue.

Please use the normal EURO currency format (rather than a custom currency format) and try again.

Additionally, it is REALLY helpful for all everyone in this forum to know if you use SeaTable Cloud or if you have a SeaTable Server of your own.

I already use the normal Euro format. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make any difference whether and which currency I set as the format. Even as a simple number, the result is not displayed when exported. I use the cloud version of Seatable. I have already reinstalled the plugin several times. It may be important to note that the column formula contains data from several different tables in Seatable.

What exactly do you mean by that?

As I and rdb have already said, creating PDFs works without any problems.

Does the issue also occur when you use the button with the action “Create PDF and save to column”?

Unfortunately not in my case! Yes, as already written, the problem also occurs via the button function.

By this I mean that the formula in the column to be displayed refers to several tables within a base. For example, there is a table with costs for equipment and another table with bookings Dates. These values are then combined in a main table with a formula. I try to display the result of this Formula on an offer via page design, as shown. My only current explanation is that the page design may not cope with the cross-references.

Can you please contact and provide the base as a DTABLE file so that we can check it?

Yes of course, thank you very much!

We analyze the issue. It seems that there is an issue with the iserror() function

You guys are the best! Thank you so much.

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