Revision of the zapier app completed

There is great news for those who use Zapier to build powerful automations and integrations.

Although there has been a SeaTable Zapier app for quite some time, it had a few shortcomings. Among other things, the link and file columns were not fully supported.

However, thanks to the Zapier development team at GeekyAir, we will soon release a new version of our Zapier app that will deliver many new features. We will also provide some help texts in the user manual and some short YouTube videos.

I will keep you updated. :bell: :mega: :gift:

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Thanks for the shoutout Christoph !

It is our pleasure to be part of this great app development ! :smiley:

Please do not forget! Zapier is a much more cost-intensive service than Make, and Make is also more GDPR-compliant - good for European users.

+1 for At the moment I must use both Zapier and side by side. Zapier is rather expensive in comparison and can cover much more elaborated workflows next to better GDPR compliance. Nevertheless, thanks for improving the Zapier integration :sunglasses:.

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The new SeaTable Zapier app is ready to use! You can find it on SeaTable Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier to build powerful automations.

Here are the most important changes:

  • (New) Trigger New File/Image/Signature
  • (New) Action API Request (Beta)
  • (New) File/Image/Signature column support for all triggers and actions
  • (New) Enhanced output for the column type collaborator including name and email address
  • (New) New search with line item support
  • (Fix) Harmonized and consolidated search function
  • (Fix) Showing the link-formula, creator and last-modifier columns in Create Row and Update Row action
  • (Doc) New documentation at Zapier (Automationsplattform) Archive - SeaTable
  • (Tech) Upgrade to Zapier Core 14.1.1

For those who like video-tutorials, we already produced some youtube videos (German language):

Please try it out. Feedback is more than welcome.

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