Rework of n8n-seatable Integration

Hey everybody,

How to install the community node

You can install the new version of the SeaTable n8n node as a community node. Just go to settings/community-nodes and just enter n8n-nodes-seatable.

Use it in new workflows

After the installation and if you create a new workflow, you will see two SeaTable nodes. The one with the small box next to the name is the new community node.



I added versioning to the SeaTable n8n node. This means that workflows which already existed and used SeaTable will continue to use the old code. You have to replace these steps to get the new code.


Currently, the version v1.0.0 contains 15 actions. There are two limitations:

  1. the triggers are not yet included, I don’t understand why, and I have to speak with the n8n support to fix this.
  2. the action “upload a file/image” is not working. I also have to clarify this with the n8n support

IMPORTANT: This is just a temporary solution. I a short time I will update the node that is shipped with n8n.

I am really locking forward to your feedback.

Best regards