Rework of n8n-seatable Integration

Hi everybody,

We are currently in the middle of the revision of the seatable-n8n integration and have already added many new features. With the new version, all column types will be supported and several new actions and triggers will be added.

We would like to test the new functionality with real use cases, so we are looking for volunteers who are already familiar with n8n and want to automate their processes together with us.

Best regards

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Hi @cdb.

That are interesting news. I am using a self-hosted n8n instance for automation and I’d like to support you during my free time. :+1:

Kind regards

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I had tried the n8n with really bad outcome, no trigger, API limit …
I’m really happy that you put again some efforts in it as it’s a great tool.

Thanks for your feedback. I will contact you via private message talking about the details.
Here is a short glimpse of the rework of the n8n integration. Currently, the new node will offer 3 triggers and 15 actions:


  • New Row
  • New or Update Row
  • New Signature


  • Create row
  • Update row
  • Create or Update (not yet finished)
  • Get row
  • Search row
  • Delete row
  • Add link
  • Remove link
  • Lock Row
  • Unlock Row
  • Upload File/Image (not yet finished)
  • Get public URL for file/image
  • Make API call
  • Create Snapshot
  • Get base metadata

Best regards


It would be nice if it could save a .dtable snapshot for backup purposes.