Row details view opens on wrong record

Hi there!

A user of my base brought this big to my attention. I tested it myself and can reproduce it.

I have a view with Grouped records.
I open the view and click on the first (top) record of a group
I press Spacebar to open details
I press ESC to close details
I click on the first (top) record of an other group
I press Spacebar to open details
The detail open of the previous record (the top one from the other group) => not good
I can repeat this by pressing esc and click on another top record of another group.

It look like this behaviour occurs only when selecting top records in grouped view.
It occurs when selecting a record with one click. When selecting a record by clicking on a field and clicking another field in the record, it seems to work fine
It looks like the first click to select the record doesn’t get registered by the system.
When using the up/down arrows in the top left of the detailed view, the next record is the next record in the previous group. So it really looks like the first click on the top record of a new group isn’s registered.

It makes working in grouped views very hard. You have to pay very good attention which record you are editing/viewing. I happens that you click on a record, space for detailed view and you start editing, no knowing you have opened the previous record and saving the content in the wrong (previous) record.

Hi! Thanks for this report! I could reproduce it myself. I’m forwarding this issue to the development team and wish it could be fixed soon.

Hi Peter, it’s me again!
It took us a little longer this time to fix the reported problem, but SeaTable 1.7 should have put an end to it.
Would you be so kind to test and confirm? If it’s fixed, could you mark this thread as solved?
Best, Ralf

Hi Ralf,

I don’t think it’s fixed yet in 1.7.0, but it will definitely be fixed in 1.7.1 :wink:

Works like a charm!
Thanks !!!