Row limit for link to other records in forms

Is there any way to increase the 1000 rows limit for forms when utilizing the “link to other records” field to allow users a selection from other tables in the self-hosted EE edition?

Right now I’m hitting a wall there and have to go a much more complicated and less user-friendly way to achieve the same functionality.

Thanks for your clarification!

You want to add more than 1.000 link-entries into a column of the type “link to other column”?
Are you certain that your structure is really useful?

Please use this script to generate the metastructure of your base and post it here:

The normal form is designed to format field “link to other records” as a dropdown select, which does not support more than 1000 records.

You can use the form in universal app, which the field “link to other records” is designed as select records, and support 20K options. If you have more than 20K options, you can turn on big data feature and it will support nearly unlimited options.

Well the linked table holds a full catalog of available prescription pharmaceuticals (around 8k records). In the form the user is supposed to pick from this list and then in the next field add the signature (e.g. 1-1-1, 10-0-10 etc.) for that specific pharmaceutical. Apart from the row limit this works perfectly with the form. I was calling the form from a button via URL.Without the form the user has to do it in the table directly which also works but is a bit of a messy workflow with a lot of additional clicks as there is an intermediate table involved that holds all the prescription data. Also the record in the intermediate table is created as soon as the user clicks on “add record”. If he then doesn’t fill in any data empty “zombie” records are created. There is also no way to make required fields and the full structure of the intermediate table is presented to the user because there are no conditionals. As I said it works but it is messy.

Hmm, I didn’t consider the universal app so far. That might be an option. I will give it a look. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yup, universal app is the answer. It works without the row limit of the standard form :+1:

Two minor annoyances do occur though.

1.) The linked column name is truncated in the field although there is plenty of space available:

It’s workable because on mouse hover the full name is displayed but a bit inconvenient. Maybe this can be addressed in a future update!?

2.) The form window always opens with the navigation sidebar opened, which is not only unnecessary when there is only one page but also overlaps the main content of the form when the window opens and has to be collapsed manually (or the window has to be dragged to a bigger size).

As I said minor cosmetic issues. I’m a happy camper with the way it works as it does right now already :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you want me to make a separate topic for the two issued from above or should I just leave them here?

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