Row logs - tracked changes are identical?

hope this is the right place to ask :slight_smile:
I am currently working with the API to update existing rows, and I have noticed some strange behavior with the internal row logs:
I have a table with 22 columns. When I do a row update, 10 of them are tracked in the row logs - but only two of them are actually changed. The others are exactly the same.

From this example: the first two look identical to me - only the other two are real changes.
I’ve seen this with various fields, such as number, text, and single select, and I’m wondering if there’s a reason for this behavior. Is there a way to control the logging (in my push-to-API-code?) so that only real changes are recorded?

Hey Gragrof,
I can confirm that the logging is sometimes not accurate.
The internal logging of SeaTable is a topic, that will be improved in one of the next versions.

Did you pass the old value when you update the row via API?

Yes, I’m using base.update_row (Python) and sending all rows again (changed and unchanged in one update_row. Hope this is the right way to do this?

If you don’t want the identical changes be recorded, just remove the unchanged fields from upgrade_row(). Other than that, there are no other bad points if you add the unchanged fields.

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