Row Not Found - creating PDF

I have an issue with the the “Seitendesign” - i want to create the pdf but sometimes seatable says “row not found” - no further explanation.

Why? ^^

Care to share a screenshot? What does your template look like? What fields do you use?

It does not harm to mention if you use SeaTable on-premises or SeaTable Cloud. If on-premises, which version.

Hi, it’s Seatable Cloud,

Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 08.58.48

I use text & table fields, nothing extraordinary.

Could you also share the configuration of the button column?

Is it possible that the row for which you want to create a PDF contains special characters such as / \ $ or so in the relevant columns?

Hey growtharchitects,

I checked the account with the same email you used to register to this forum. There is no base that starts with “Busines…” as in your screenshot. So, I cannot debug your issue in any way.

If you want me to debug this topic further, please export your base as .dtable and send it to

Best regards,

Hi CDB - it’s under a client’s account - thus you don’t see.

I’ll send it to you - or could i send you the account details privately?

  • thx


Hey Bernard,
you have the following options to send me information:

  • post it in this forum (everybody could see)
  • send it to (well, it is an email)
  • write a private message via this forum (only I should see it)

But you don’t have to send me login credentials. I would suggest that you create an invite link to this base and send me this invite link via private message of this forum.
Best regards,

Hallo Christoph

ich kann anscheinend keine PM verschicken, hab dir den Link über die Support Email geschickt.

Vielen Dank!


Just to summarize this topic: this was a special corner case. If the base was just duplicated, the problem vanished. After optimized some internal routines and thereafter, the issue vanished in general.

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