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I’ve got three tables T1, T2 and T3. Each table contains the sales date e.g. 2021-05-03 and the price e.g. € 20.00. I created another sheet named “stats”. In this sheet I want to sum up all sales for each month as shown in the picture.

Can someone give me a tip, how to archive that easily :slight_smile:

I guess that might be a question that many people have.

best greetings roman.

No ideas on that :D?

Hey IDS,
I understand your requirement and let me try to explain how it works.

Lets start to re-build this with seatable.

Step 1: you have one or multiple bases with sales. Something like this.

And your have a summary base where you want to get all the sales of one day or one month

Step 2: link the two tables

create in the summary-table two new columns:

  • a column “link to other records” and select Table1 as target.
  • a column “link formula” with the schema “rollup”. See the following screenshot.

Step 3: automate the linkage of the entries

Now you could manually select in the link to other records column all the entries. But this is unproductive work and faulty. Instead use “data processing” and create this data processing procedure. Every time you run this all columns are linked up and you get the sum of all prices OF ONE DAY.

Step 4: optimize and extend

now you can do many things to make this even better.

  • you could add a button and assign this data processing to it. This makes it easier to execute this. In the near future it will be possible to create an automation to do this automatically.
  • add more tables to add more sales
  • hide columns that you don’t need. E.g. on the table1 you could hide the new linked column. You don’t need this to see.
  • to get the sales of a month use a formular column and let you show the month of the date

I hope this helps you to understand how SeaTable works.
Best regards

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