SAML SSO Implementation Question


We’re planning to enable SAML SSO for Seatable. Will this add SSO as a login method alongside the current system, or will it completely replace the existing login process? I could not find a clear statement about this in the manual.


You can configure/use more than one auth methods in SeaTable.

Just in case you are interested in how this works: the databse table social_auth_usersocialauth records the auth provider and maps the UID to the SeaTable-internal username. More here.

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Awesome, thanks for the quick response!

Just to double check, let’s say I have connected Azure auth to SeaTable, will I still be able to use local login incase Azure is down?

Yes, this would work, but maybe different than you think.

Authenticating against SAML and the local user database does not get you into the same user account, even when you use the same login name. You won’t see the bases that you expect to see.

Why? Internally, the SAML account is mapped to a different username than the local account. The SeaTable Manual, see link above, provides a lot of information on the topic.

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Aah yes that makes sense, thanks for clarifying!

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