Script instruction upload all lines


I am using a Python script to create a new line triggerd by a button.
When this script is used in a universal-app, the new line doesn’t show up until user click on the bottom of the window : “upload all lines”
Is there a python instruction to upload all lines (and save one click from the user) ?

Thanks !

Hey Remi,

On which page type of the Universal App are you using the script via button? Which “upload all lines” are you talking about?

It is correct that the page must be refreshed after the script for creating a new line has run in order to display the new line.

I understand the issue. The script adds a new row, but the row is only displayed once the browser window is refreshed.

Unfortunately, the Python script runs server-side. This is why you cannot give a refresh signal to the browser.

ok, I understand.

To better explain : the ‘Load all’ at the very bottom of the window shows the added line once clicked upon

whereas the browser’s refresh does not show the added line.

Ah, so you have a large number of rows in this table.

We’ll see if we can make the behaviour more comfortable

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