Script to migrate a base from Airtable to SeaTable

As 2.3.0 has all the features I need, I would like to move from Airtable to Seatable. Seems like in 2.3.2 on 1. Sept a script was released to help with that.

Anyone an idea where to find it?

See changelog: Version 2.3 - SeaTable

Btw: Was the free account upgraded with python scripts?


Yes #1! There will be a separate post on the upgrade.

Yes #2! You find the script on Github in SeaTable’s Python API repo. We’ll publish a step-by-step manual in the next days so that the migration is straightforward. Give us a few more days!


Very pleased to hear that!


thanks for the fast reply. Looks like the next days will become interesting. Looking forward to this.


Thanks for your patience! Please have a look here: Migrate An Airtable Base to SeaTable with this Script [Beta]

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