Seafile link to my seatable database

I’ve got a seafile server running in my university, and a seatable set at home on a docker.
I would like to try the ‘connect to seafile’ function available in advanced parameter of my database.
I’ve generated a token in seafile named seatable, but when i copy/paste the URL of my library and the token, it sends me a “Seafile server’s URL or library’s API Token is invalid”

What could be the issue ? the URL should be the complete library URL or only the root ?
Any documentation ?
Is there a need to set specific rights on seafile server ? like
Is it possible to connect to an outside seafile server this way ?


Hi, this part of the manual hasn’t been written yet. The Seafile connection to SeaTable enables you to

  • Choose a file as attachment from the Seafile library in SeaTable
  • Save attachments in a SeaTable base to your Seafile library (not yet available)

To connect Seafile to SeaTable:

  • Go to Seafile and generate an API token for your library
  • Go to SeaTable and click on the 3-dots menu of a base, go to Advanced > Connect Seafile and enter the full URL (including “http” or “https”) and the API token and then submit.

As this function is still partly under development (as long as I know the users who are connecting Seafile are doing fine), errors could occur due to many reasons. One of them would be, that the Seafile server is not running its latest version. Would you tell us your Seafile server version? Perhaps we can go from there.

Seafile 7.1.13 is running .
I’ve followed these steps.
the full URL is only the server url like :
or the whole library url ?

Just the server URL, like

ok, not working for me.
I don’t have any control over the seafile server, so it might be for some unkown reason

The seafile server must allow Cross-Domain permissions.

ok, that might be my issue

Thanks, I’ve set a seafile server and the addition of permission made it working well.