Search in linked entries also searches for last editor

If we add an entry in a linked field, and we configured in that field “Verknüpfung auf eine Ansicht einschränken”, the search result ignores the View and it searchs also in “Letzter Bearbeiter”, so we got too many results…we want only that the search result searches only in the colum that are enabled in that specific view.

This is since version 4.3.8

Unfortunately, I don’t know whether “last editor” is a view or a column in your scenario.

If I create a view and restrict the Link to other records column to this view in the settings, only the entries of the view are shown.

Am I missing something?

That’s exactly the problem, it finds entries that it shouldn’t find because the search term isn’t there in the view. The last editor thing is just a guess.

With Seatable version 4.2.11 the results are correct
With version 4.3.8 the result are not correct, it finds entries that it should not find.

Same base, same table, same settings…

please excuse me, I still cannot understand what is shown incorrectly or too much.
For your understanding, I am trying to recreate the behavior to understand what is going on.

I therefore need more information from you please:

  • what SeaTable version are you using?
  • which entries are shown in the view of the table, compared to the Link to other records column with restriction to the view

We have the problem with the latest version 4.3.8 on-prem Enterprise.

See screenshots:

picture 1: see massiv search results…
picture 2: colum setting
picture 3: real search result in the view

I cannot reproduce the described issue in SeaTable Cloud
Bildschirmaufzeichnung vom 2024-02-09, 16-37-09

Unfortuntely, your screenshots are not very helpful in understanding your problem.

The filter on the view is correct. I agree with you on that.

However, hiding the columns is not reflected when selecting in the field, but it is correctly taken into account for a new record. This is already a bug in version 3.5.

Maybe the video will help you further.

Any updates on this issue?

Seatable Version 3.5 is working fine

Latest Seatable Version (also the Cloud Version) is not working, still the same problem. Tested on your cloud instance, see picture:

We have the paid version and can’t update at the moment because of this issue. We need to work with version 3.5…please fix this issue with the new version. Thanks!