SeaTable 1.2 is here! Base colors, icons and much more

SeaTable 1.2 is ready for you from this moment on.

The most exiting new features include:

  • You can now customize base colors and icons in the base library
  • You can batch download files and pictures from a whole column
  • Snapshots are better now
  • Views can be duplicated
  • For Enterprise subscribers: view sharing, row locking and column permissions

For a more detailed description of the changes, have a look at the release note in the SeaTable blog.

For a comprehensive list of new and modified features, UI changes and bugfixes, check out the changelog.

Dive in and enjoy! If you have questions and comments, feel free to post below.

Your SeaTable Team

Any idea if/when a CE version will be available on Docker?

SeaTable CE is available for Docker. You find the Docker image on Docker Hub and the install instructions in the admin manual.

It is only the Enterprise Edition that is not yet available.