SeaTable 1.3 is deployed! Scripts, row color, print and plenty more!

We are happy to anounce the release of SeaTable 1.3 today. The most exciting new features & functions are:

  • Scripts: In the top right corner of the table view, you’ll see the scripts button. There you can write your own scripts and manipulate your data in your very own way. For more information, have a look at the SeaTable Scripts Programming Manual.
  • Conditional formatting: On the view control panel, there’s a new button: Color. You can set row colors according to a single select column or your own conditions and rules.
  • Print function: Now you can print your SeaTable base or a single row in a much more elegant and compact way.
  • Auto number column type: Set up a rule and let SeaTable number this column automatically.
  • Major update of the map plugin: Now you can label places with different colors with a single select column, look at the map in full screen and output it as an image.

For the detailed description of these features, read the Release Note 1.3 fresh out of the printing press.
For a detailed list of all major and minor changes in the new version, visit our Changelog for SeaTable 1.3.

It’s a big wave of new features! Dive in and move with the waves :surfing_man:t2:
Your SeaTable Team


Great work!
When will the docker image be upgraded to 1.3? can’t wait to try.

The docker version for 1.3 will be available in the next week.

The cloud version will be updated first. The docker version will be one or two weeks behind after fixing issues found in the cloud version. In this way, we don’t need to release multiple docker versions.

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Thanks Daniel, good release schedule!

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Hi Daniel,

The docker image is still using 1.2, when will upgrade to 1.3?

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Please upgrade to 1.4 :slight_smile:

Then I can finally become a paid subscriber :slight_smile:

Which one is the much-anticipated feature?

Nothing specific. Maybe table file drag and drop. I am mostly keen on the bug fixes.

A few bugfixes and I can make the case for upgrading.

Where is 1.4? The latest is 1.2 here:

New docker images are here:

Thank you!I will have a try!

Hi, @prosanhive, could you please name some bugs that should be fixed as soon as possible? We’ll see if we can satisfy you soon :wink: Thanks in advance!