SeaTable 1.4 out now!

SeaTable 1.4 was deployed on yesterday. We are excited about all the new features and improvements that we have packed into this new release. The most exciting changes and improvements are:

  • Column type #18: URL: The new column type is ideal for storing internet and IP addresses. If you want to access the network resource, just double-click on the cell.
  • Supercharged database functions: A new wizard makes linking records as simple and straightforward as selecting an option in a single select field. On top of that, database queries are no longer limited to directly linked tables opening up tons of new uses cases.
  • Real-time chat: An upgraded backend now processes comments in real-time. The moment your teammates hit “send”, you see them in your bases (or get notified if you’re not online).
  • Webhooks: Triggering activities in external applications became a lot easier with SeaTable’s improved and redesigned webhook integration.
  • Scripts: Support for JavaScript scripts was added in SeaTable 1.3. Beginning with SeaTable 1.4, you have the choice of writing your scripts in either JavaScript or Python.

For more details on these and the many other improvements packed into SeaTable 1.4, have a look at the Release Note.
For a detailed list of all major and minor changes in the new version, visit the Changelog.

In a few days, we’ll also update the docker image on Docker Hub. Please keep patient.


I think the docker hub link should be:

@Elvis: Thanks! Link was fixed.

do you know when to update the image on the docker hub?

Hey Soldin, first of all, welcome to the SeaTable Forum! Thanks for your interest in the latest version of SeaTable on-premise. I have asked our developer team and have an exciting answer for you and for many of us, too: the docker image will be updated tomorrow!

As I spoke, the SeaTable 1.4.0 is already uploaded to docker! Enjoy !