SeaTable 1.7 out now!

New month, new release! We updated to SeaTable 1.7 yesterday. SeaTable 1.7 is a little shy on the new features side, but it contains lots of little improvements that add to the user experience.

  • Animations : We added some animations here and there to make the user interface more fluid. Tell us if you like them!
  • Custom currencies : In your world, other currencies besides the Euro, the Dollar, and the Yuan play a role? Then you will like the “custom currency” format option in the number column type! Currency abbreviations (e.g., CHF), currency symbols (e.g., £, ₿), or whatever other sort of markers you may want to use are now supported.
  • Easy recording of dates : SeaTable 1.7 is much more forgiving with user input in date columns. In the past, the data syntax had to be observed exactly. Now, dates like 2020-1-03 or 04/3/2020 are no longer rejected.
  • Excel import : Create a new base by importing data from an Excel workbook and continue in SeaTable where you left off in Excel - this is what this great new feature is for.
  • Batch replacement : You know and love the Search and Replace function in Excel? Then you will also love batch replacement in SeaTable which works just the same way.

For more details on these and the many other improvements packed into SeaTable 1.7, have a look at the Release Note.
For a detailed list of all major and minor changes in the new version, visit the Changelog.

In a few days, we’ll also update the docker image on Docker Hub. Check back soon!


Any ETA on the docker hub image release? Looking forward to it!

Thanks. Upgraded to 1.7 using the new docker image.

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