SeaTable 2.3 out now!

SeaTable 2.3, rolled out on SeaTable Cloud and published on Docker Hub today, is a groundbreaking release for use cases that require LOTS of rows: The new archive function obliterates SeaTable’s previous 150’000-rows-per-table limit. Storing millions of rows in one table, sure thing! Besides the archive, SeaTable 2.3 includes a host of improvements driving usability and ease-of-use. The complete list of changes is available - as always - in the Changelog .

You are writing data automatically in a SeaTable table using a script? An integration with another app generates lots of rows in your bases? Before SeaTable 2.3, this might have become a problem over time. SeaTable 2.3’s archiving function does away with this concern. In its archive, a single table can hold many million rows. In terms of analysis, there is little difference between active and archived rows. Archived rows can be viewed in the web interface, filtered and sorted. They can be accessed by API and queried using the SQL query app. The one big drawback is in terms of collaboration: For technical reasons, archived data do not support real-time collaboration.

The archive function is currently in Beta phase. It is available in SeaTable Server. Have a look at Release Notes to learn more about how it can help you with your tasks. SeaTable Cloud Enterprise subscribers will get access to Enterprise subscribers in a few months.

What does SeaTable 2.3 have in store for SeaTable Cloud subscribers, here you go:

  • Better external links : Comments and logs are no longer shown in bases and views shared via external links.
  • Default values for forms : After default values for columns, forms have also got default values.
  • Preview for long text columns : Take a look at the content of long text cells without opening the editor.
  • PDF in page design plugin : Natively print your page design documents and certificates as PDFs.
  • Duplicate columns : Use already specified columns to create new ones.
  • New automation: Send email : Have SeaTable send emails automatically for you using a rule set (and focus on the important stuff)
  • More flexible first column : With the single select column added to the list, the first column now supports five different column types.

The SeaTable API Reference has been updated, too, including but not limited to the following changes:

  • Insert a column now supports all column types including link formula and formula.
  • There is even separate documentation for inserting button and link formula column types as well as for adding cascade settings for the single select columns.
  • More detailed explanation and instruction on how to attach files/images to your base with the API.
  • List filtered rows is deprecated since 2.3. A better solution to list filtered rows is the SQL Query API.
  • Query with SQL uses the new dtable-db component and has a much better performance to list rows the way you want.
  • Base Automation Rules is a powerful new feature, the API documentation describes in full detail on how to establish an automation rule.
  • On-premise users can now benefit from the Departments API requests to list the departments in their team and list the members.
  • Other features and optimizations.
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Is it currently possible to activate the “archive” beta in the developer edition?

Unfortunately, it is not. The archive is an enterprise edition-only feature.

Very nice to see all these improvements :grinning:

Stay tuned! Many more improvements are in the pipeline!

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