SeaTable 2.4 out now!

Hey everybody, SeaTable 2.4 is now available on SeaTable Cloud. Self-hosters will find the new release on Docker Hub for download.

These are the highlights:

  • Dockable view navigation
  • More flexible linking column
  • Automatically highlight duplicates
  • New data processing operation
  • Save PageDesign-PDFs directly to a file-column
  • countless detail improvements

Try it out and tell us about your experiences.


And as always:
for our German users there is a YouTube video about the latest features of release 2.4.

The “Click a button to save Page Design PDF of the current row to a file column” is absolutely the highlight of SeaTable 2.4!

My second favorite feature is the improved link column, it takes over part of the “lookup” feature of the link column and is, compared to Airtable’s separate link and lookup column types, a tidier solution.

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