SeaTable 2.5 out now!

SeaTable 2.5 was uploaded to Docker Hub at the end of last week and SeaTable Cloud now also runs the newest release. SeaTable 2.5 improves many existing functions with a view to optimizing data capture, data storage, and data analysis.

This are the highlights:

  • Archive function : Expand SeaTable’s storage capability beyond 100k rows per base - now supporting all 24 column types
  • Automations : Use Python scripts to automate the modification of individual records or larger datasets using the new action “Run Python script”
  • Data processing : Convert discrete tables into a relational database application using the improved “auto add link” operation
  • Rating column : More choice and more comfort with the newly introduced styles and auto-computed summary values

The archive function and automations are available exclusively to SeaTable Cloud Enterprise subscribers and SeaTable Server Enterprise Edition users.

You want to know more about SeaTable 2.5? Have a look at the Release Notes for more information about SeaTable 2.5’s highlights. For an even more detailed list of changes, visit the Changelog.


The API documentation has also been updated with the following requests:

  • Query row link list
  • Batch delete assets
  • List bases a user can admin
  • Sys admin list teams
  • Sys admin list team members
  • Sys admin lists notifications in a base

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