SeaTable 2.7 out now!

SeaTable Cloud is now running on SeaTable Server 2.7. If you run SeaTable on-premises, you can download the newest image from Docker Hub. We are looking forward to getting your comments on SeaTable’s new features!

And this are SeaTable’s (key) new features:

  • Conditional formatting : Color cells using a rule set or based on their values.
  • New data processing operation “calculate ranking” : Have SeaTable calculate the ranking of numeric values in one column and write it in another.
  • Freezing of multiple columns : Keep one or more columns visible while you scroll in larger tables.
  • Default value for date column : Define a static (e.g., 2022-02-03) or a dynamic date (e.g., today, x days from today) as default value for your date column
  • Password-protected bases : Provide an extra layer of security for confidential data in your bases.

If you want to know details about these new features, have a look at the Release Notes in our blog. If you want to know what else has been changed, you find the complete list of changes - as always - in the Changelog .


Just one month has passed since last update, it’s amazing. Improvement by 2.7.x was really nice for us. I cannot wait for next renewal.

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There is another major improvement:

  • Common dataset now support syncing of link columns and link formula columns
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Found one issue on common dataset.
When common dataset includes 'multiple 'link column and link formula(accordingly this column contains multiple value), imported common dataset only shows single value. Please see snapshot as below.

This is common dataset
This is imported common dataset. In Ref_Value column it should show multiple value, but only shows single value.

Was this behavior in line with your intention?

This is a designed behaviour. Link formula columns are synced as primary types (Text, Number, etc.), most primary types have a single value, so the synced result kept only one value.

In most usage cases, this should be enough.

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Great! And great new features. Where are the new features documented? Like e.g. … I only manage to “fix” the first column … and I don’t find the way, how to use conditional cell formatting … thx, Hagen

Apologies. One paragraph didn’t make it in my post. I have added it back. It includes links to the Release Notes and the Changelog.

Congratulations on a very useful and exciting update (once again). I will write this here but if you want to have it as a separate topic feel free to move it.

This is not a feature request but essentially an improvement suggestion that ties into two of the new features: rankings and conditional formatting.

Imagine a voting with many participants. I calculate an overall rank (using the new feature) for all the votes that were submitted (e.g. a favorite movie or song etc.), now I calculate my personal rank (only my vote) and finally the difference between the two (see image):

Now in this example I used rules to color the differences (>0 is green, <0 is red, 0 is neutral)…it would be very cool to be able to use the value based rule with gradients to give even more emphasis by making values below 0 go darker red and values above zero to go darker green with 0 itself being the neutral threshold. I hope it is clear what I’m trying to say!?

Thanks for the suggestion. Using two contract colors and neutral color for middle value is a common ability in coloring cells by gradients (as in other products). We will add it soon.

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Hey everybody,
for all German-speaking people, I just made a YouTube Video about the new features.

Best regards,

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You can hold your breath for 2.8 :slight_smile:

Arg, I overpromised. The improvement was pushed back to a later release. But it is still on the development plan.

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