SeaTable 2.8 out now!

Some great new features and feature improvements have arrived this morning! We updated SeaTable Cloud to SeaTable Server 2.8, whose final build was released on April 1. Self-hosters can download and install SeaTable Server 2.8 from Docker Hub too.

What’s new?

  • Colorful ribbon : Change the color of the title ribbon in your bases as per your liking.
  • Transparent collaboration : See who else is working with you in a base.
  • Simple column description : Provide meta-information about a column in the new column description.
  • Formatted text in webforms’ help text : Pretty up your forms for improved usability and higher response rate.
  • Improved rich text editor : Create and work with tables embedded in rich text with ease.
  • Automatic sync of common datasets : Automate the refresh of imported datasets.

If you want to know details about these new features, have a look at the Release Notes in our blog. If you want to know what else has been changed, you find the complete list of changes - as always - in the Changelog.


This is great work thanks everyone on the dev team. We are still on hold in the USA as the text wrapping for western languages in tables hasn’t been resolved in the page design and kanban leaving tables and the plugin somewhat unusable. However fingers crossed this can get addressed before 2.9

The page design plugin comes with significant improvements regarding table customization and text wrapping. Have you seen the new menu item “Record height”? Doesn’t that do the trick?

Good job! :grinning:My favorite update is

  • Variable base header color according to the defined base color, while in ver2.7 it was always orange. It looks much nicer.
  • Common Data Set seems more stable, while in ver2.7 embedded file in common dataset could not be browsed in external shared link.
  • Advanced Statistics seems more stable, while in ver2.7 some chart showed “not available” for unknown reason
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Thank you very much for your work! Greatful to have looked for an Airtable alternative and found Seatable… My life wouldn’t have been the same without you people haha Much love <3

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Hey everybody,
as always, I made a German YouTube video introducing all the new features. Please have a look and give me a thumb up.

Best regards,


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