SeaTable 3.1 out now!

We are very happy to announce the release of SeaTable 3.1 and the update of SeaTable Cloud to the latest version. SeaTable 3.1 may be a minor update, but it does not comes across minor at all.

New features of SeaTable 3.1 include:

  • Enhanced page design plugin: Use the page design plugin to create attractive lists and add contextual information to your template using the new dynamic fields
  • Big data backend: Worry no more about SeaTable’s past row limit of 100.000 per base
  • View folders: Categorize the views in your base for more structure and clarity
  • Sortable groups: Put your groups in a custom order and have access to the important data faster

Have a look at the Release Notes for more information on the highlights above as well as other improvements. The Changelog details the complete list of changes.

I do have a question regarding the Page Design Plugin. We have the latest version 3.1 (DE self-hosted) deployed and also the latest plugin version (1.7.4) that is available on the market page. Still the functionality to add “all records in view” like in your example on the Release Notes pages doesn’t show up. Am I missing something or will the updated plugin only be released at a later time? Thanks for clarification!

Updated plugin suddenly showed up. Everything is working as expected now. Guess I was not patient enough :smiling_face_with_tear:

Very good update, very much appreciated!

We uploaded the plugin a little late. This is on us. Sorry!

But we are very pleased to hear that you like the update.

Great stuff, especially the page design plugin. Will check it out!

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