SeaTable 3.2 out now!

We are pleased to announce that SeaTable 3.2 has been rolled out to SeaTable Cloud. Beginnging of next week, we’ll upload the image to the known Docker Hub repository.

The new release has a lot of new features - we are excited about them and we are sure you’ll be too:

  • Interactive formula wizard: Put togehter complex formulas with ease
  • Versatile action buttons: Run multiple actions with just one click of a button and leverage an enhanced action set
  • Comfortable file management: Handle files more conveniently in the improved file column
  • More powerful automations: Create more powerful automations, pause automations when needed, and prevent execution conflicts

If you wish to learn more about the latest release, take a look at the Release Notes. The Changelog - as always - contains a complete list of all the changes.


very good, I particularly like the changes to the number of actions allowed for buttons.

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Update is still needed here.
Also for French.

What do you mean? The Changelog is only available in English.

Hyperlink " Version 3.2" was missing in the beginning but now is there.

I especially like the new ‘versatile action button’, and the option to display single-select fields as text in page-design templates.
The implementation of these these features will enable me to optimize the quote and invoice printing features of the business app I’ve developed for freelance translators.

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Do you have a release date for the docker seatable/seatable-enterprise image?

Give us a few more days.

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In a new (German) YouTube video I show the new features of SeaTable 3.2. Here is the link:


The update worked fine. Thank you!

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how did you update? because mine didn’t work, I had to put my backup back

sorry for my english

Hi yblis.

It depends on how you installed seatable. Do you use a docker-compose.yml-file?

Yes I use docker-compose and when i read manual I make this:

Get latest SeaTable

You can find all versions of SeaTable from Docker Hub.

Run the following command to get the latest version of Seatable.

docker pull seatable/seatable-developer:latest

Stop the currently running SeaTable container.

docker-compose down

Then modify SeaTable version in “docker-compose.yml”. And start a new SeaTable container.

docker-compose up -d


docker exec -d seatable /shared/seatable/scripts/ start

And did you run the update command for the database?

You have to start the interactive mode of docker and “login” into the seatable container with:

docker exec -it seatable /bin/bash

Then you have to run the command to update the database. But you have to adjust the version to 3.2 of course!

mysql -h$DB_HOST -p$DB_ROOT_PASSWD dtable_db </opt/seatable/seatable-server-latest/sql/mysql/upgrade/3.2/dtable.sql

Oh no I didn’t do that!
I’m stupid, I’ll try the installation again


I edited my last post :wink: Sorry and good luck

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