SeaTable 3.3 out now!

A great new release of SeaTable, version 3.3, is now available! We have updated SeaTable Cloud this morning at 6 am CET. Curious users have been able to download earlier version of the Christmas release from the known Docker Hub repository for a handful of days.

We are very excited about SeaTable 3.3’s new features. And here we go:

  • Block-based web form editor: Build better forms than ever before
  • Support for HTML emails: Send attractive formatted emails with one click of a button
  • Bulk import/export from XLSX files: Import up to half a million of rows in one go into SeaTable’s big data backend; export a quarter million from big data into an XLSX file
  • Data validation for number column: Improve data quality by having SeaTable validate data inputs

Let us know underneath what you think of the new features. If you spot an issue, please also post below with a detailed description and a screenshot.

Important change in the behavior of formulas: SeaTable 3.3 changed the output of the functions find() and search() in an effort to bring them into alignment with the equivalent functions in Microsoft Excel. In SeaTable 3.3, the two functions return “#VALUE!” when a searched-for string is not found. In SeaTable 3.2 and older, the two functions returned “0”.

For more detailed information about this release, please have a look at the Release Notes. The Changelog - as always - contains a complete list of all the changes.


Just to be a smart ass…
The description of find() still says it will return “0” if nothing is found. :wink:
Checked on cloud version.

We are aware of it. It will be fixed in the next iteration.

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