SeaTable 3.5 APP / PDF multi select download


I’ve tryed the new APP-feature today, which adds a great value to SeaTable and has a huge potential.

I was wondering that for the column type " PDF" the function to batch download the PDFs is missing?

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The function of batch downloading PDFs is retained in the universal application. :smiley:

Hey Leo!

I’m not surer what you are meaning by that?
Will the PDF download never come to the new APP feature?

To download all PDFs of a column at once is a feature that many people would welcome :slight_smile: ?

Hello, Roman.
What I just described may not be quite right.What I mean is that currently, downloading all files a column at once is supported in the table, but in the universal application, downloading all files under one column at once is not yet supported. We will consider optimizing it in the future.
Currently, in the universal application, only batch downloading of all files in one attachment cell is supported.
I hope this answer can be helpful to you :smiley:

Hey Leo!

thank you for your fast response!

Thats exactly why I asked. We use the “download all” function every day - I was wondering if you could also make this function available in the new “App-Feature”?

We want to create an App for spefic users, that should not work withn the universal app. They are supposed to work only with the newly created APP.

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