SeaTable 4.0 will be available soon

The countdown for SeaTable 4.0 is on – a stunning major release is coming next week: Look forward to a new column type, optimized file management, the Universal App and many additional enhancements. You can hardly wait? Your patience will be worth it!


Awesome news. I’m excited.

Excellent. SeaTable just gets better all the time. Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work and your troubleshooting expertise.

Hello @cdb ,
about v4, I’ve noticed one bug, 2 plugins are not loading properly : page builder and deduplication

PS : and I will try to find a use of this new column :wink: page builder could benefit a lot of that !
and i love the file manager ! really useful, even if I need to get into it for the folders

I guess you did not update the plugins.

They were freshly installed too, I guess.
Deduplication is V0.0.43
Page designer is V1.2.2

You installed the plugins for the current version. I did not test it, but this can explain problems with the plugins.

great news!

hope you’ve added the “signature” column :smiley: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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I installed latest DE that is yet 4.
It came with these plugin

When you install SeaTable, there are no plugins installed.

Maybe … :wink: I am sure you’ll like it.

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Indeed, I’ve added them through the market install. Then added them to the first base created and test them
Most are working but these two

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