SeaTable 4.1 out now! 🎉

SeaTable 4.1 has seen the light of day! We have updated SeaTable Cloud this morning at 6 am CET. Selfhosters find the Docker image of the major release in the well-known repository on Docker Hub.

Version 4.1 has many highlights. Here are the highlights of the highlights:

  • More powerful automations: Monitor changes in link columns or use the new date column action Empty

  • Built-in file manager: Search for files or praise god that there is a recycle bin, after you deleted accidentially a file

  • Improved design: The row details have been modfied for maximum design uniformity in base and app; locked valuesre now highlighted consistently with a light grey background.
  • Improved universal app builder: Customize user permissions with the now universal page permissions and read-only columns on the table page; visualize data on tables pages exactly the way you want with the new view defaults

You find the complete Release Notes with more details on the SeaTable blog. All changes are available – as always – in the Changelog.

Important change for formulas: Formulas in SeaTable 4.0 and older versions disregarded %-signs in text and single select columns. (Example: The single select option 5.0% has been interpreted as 5.0 for the purpose of a calculation in a formula column.) Beginning with SeaTable 4.1, percent values in text and single select columns are treated for what they are: percentages. Please check your formulas if they require modifications.


As always we made a YouTube Video introduction all the new features (as always this video is in german):

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Hi @cdb.

Thanks for publishing a new SeaTable version!

I’ve noticed one thing while upgrading. This time I found three sql files in the database upgrade directory in the docker container. If you strictly follow the instructions on the upgrade site (Upgrade Manual - SeaTable Admin Manual) you could miss the other two files. I’ve just trusted the database naming syntax by simply changing it to seafile_db and ccnet_db which did work as I didn’t get any complaints from the mysql program :slight_smile:

I think that information would be a benefit to the manual.

Thank you very much!

It is correct that with 4.1 it is the first time that there are three sql files.
But have a look at the manual at Upgrade Manual - SeaTable Admin Manual. This new upgrade procedure will execute all three sql files.

docker exec -it seatable /bin/bash # Login to the SeaTable container. Then execute the upgrade statement upgrade-sql 1.1 upgrade-sql 1.2

For sure I will update the manual and add the hint that there might be more than one single dtable.sql file available.

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