SeaTable 4.2 out now!

Great news: SeaTable Cloud was updated to version 4.2 at 6 am CET. Additionally, the new version is also available on Docker Hub .

Version 4.2 brings plenty improvements for the Universal App Builder, but not only:

  • Version management: Create snapshots of your universal apps
  • Duplicate check: Enforce uniqueness when creating new records
  • Suspend app: Pause and resume the availability of an app with one click
  • Duplicate pages: Build your custom app faster
  • Improved automations: Run “Modify record” automated action periodically AND conditionally

You find the complete Release Notes with more details in the SeaTable blog. All changes are available – as always – in the Changelog .


As always, there is also a video on YouTube about the new release (video is in German)

If I choose the option “periodic and add a filter condition” I can no longer use the option for data operations. However, if I only choose periodic conditions I can still add data operations.

Will this feature return soon?

I guess you are talking about the event trigger “Run periodically on records meet conditions”.

This feature was never available. This is what the “Create automation rule” looks like in SeaTable 4.1.9

Dear @rdb thank you very much for clarification, I will add this to feature request

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