SeaTable and N8N WebHook

Hi everyone!
I would like to connect my self hosted SeaTable instance with my n8n automation instance.
But when I configure it and change some rows I do not seeany connections to the n8n server and see and “Invalid” flag behind the webhook URL in SeaTable webhook gui.

Where can I find the SeaTable logs regarding the webhooks to check what is happening there? Does anyone has experience with SeaTable and n8n?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @ratze.

I haven’t tried to connect it by webhook.
There are to Plugins in n8n which you can use.


Have you tried these?

I tried the opposite of it. I wanted to use the SeaTable WebHook functionality.
But it doesn’t worked.

I found the problem. I had to configure the webhook in N8N as a POST webhook. Not a GET webhook.
Now it works fine.

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