Seatable Developer Edition EULA/License

Hi everyone,

I have an instance of the Seatable Developer Edition running on our companies server for evaluation and I am happy with what I am seeing. The usecase for us is to share data with our customers and let them change it according to their needs. So we basically only need the spreadsheet and views functionality and seatable seems great for that.

Unfortunately I can’t find any EULA/License or information about what I am allowed to do with the developer edition.
Am I allowed to share access with our customers and use it in a ‘productive’ way? Or do I need to get a paid subscription even though we use even less than the developer edition offers in functionality?

I’d be happy about any input.


All but one component of SeaTable Server Developer Edition are released under open source licences: Server Editions - SeaTable Admin Manual

Dtable-server is not though. You find the EULA of dtable-server at EULA - SeaTable Admin Manual.

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