Seatable EE Self hosted Licensing (Trial?, Pricing?)

Hey everyone,

after not touching with Seatable for quite a while I’m currently evaluating it again to be used in our small company. One of our goals is to own our data so we will be going for self hosted.

I already noticed that you still get a 3 user free license right away which is great, but obviously we also want to plan ahead so I’d be interested to know what the pricing after the two years will be like or if we need more than 3 users. We most likely will not need a ton more.

I think there was a public pricing table for this in the past but it seemingly was removed. Is there any information on how Self hosted pricing is laid out so we can at least have an estimation on costs to expect?


Just scroll down a bit.

@rdb you got me - I somehow overlooked that. Sorry and thanks.

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