SeaTable Enterprise: Customize API call limit

Hey guys!

Our client just upgraded to Enterprise so that we can raise the API-Call limits per day. However, I am not sure where to do that. In the documentation I can only find a how to for the on-premise solution. However we just use Seatable’s services for the whole stack.

Would be happy if someone could help!

Hi Marc, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

In SeaTable Cloud, the API limits are the same for all subscriptions. In other words, you do not get a higher API limit by upgrading. What we bump up for Plus and Enterprise customers is the script running limit. (100 for Free accounts, 5.000 for Plus accounts, and unlimited for Enterprise accounts.)

If you run into API limits, please try to use -depending on your application - batch API calls, the SQL endpoint, and/or use caching.

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