Seatable-faas-stack Helm Chart


I created a helm chart to deploy seatable-faas-scheduler and seatable-python-runner on Kubernetes.

With this chart custom docker images will be used to make it work.

  1. GitHub - vquie/seatable-faas-scheduler
  2. GitHub - vquie/seatable-python-runner

Due to the Kubernetes services and ingress architecture it should scale very good if needed.

The seatable-python-runner runs in a pod with a docker-in-docker (dind) sidecar service container.

I created it for myself but also wanted it to share to anyone who wants to run it in kubernetes without any local installations. I works very good in my own environment. If there is anything missing for others, please open an issue on github.

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Hey vqui,
I did not try your helm chart but thank you very much for sharing.