🎉 SeaTable is now available in AWS Marketplace, Azure and Gridscale

Hey everybody,

Since a few days, SeaTable can now be found in the Marketplace of AWS. This makes the installation of SeaTable a breeze.

Within seconds, a SeaTable instance is started and only a few steps are needed to get the system up and running. On Debian 11, Docker and all necessary components are already installed and SeaTable Enterprise license for 3 users and at least 12 months is also included.

Furthermore, I am excited to announce that more marketplaces will be added in the following days.

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This is absolutely great news! :confetti_ball:

Congratulations, Christoph.
Awesome product!

Now it happened faster than expected: the German provider Gridscale.io from Cologne has added SeaTable to its Marketplace.

Here comes the next platform. :partying_face:

SeaTable is now also available at Azure Marketplace.

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