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Hello! Im quite new to learning linux and shell scripting. I just started last month for my internship at a company.

I am currently tasked to make a seatable server, but for the project. I am required to make it localhost. I have run into many issues. In the docker logs, it states that seatable server has started. And in the docker ps, it says everything is healthy.

When i go to the browser and input localhost, the page shows “Secure Connection Failed” and the error code being “PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR”.

I have tried many troubleshootings but all have failed.

Dear @WillaimNoir,
it is great to hear that you start learning linux. Go ahead, you will enjoy it. But here is the thing:

  • This is a community for SeaTable and not for general linux problems. Learn more about docker and networking stuff, then you would easily solve your problems by yourself.
  • start with an easy task and follow public documentation: I mean, the recommendation in the manual is to use a public available server with a public available domain. Then you could easily follow this tutorial ( or the manual. Book a server from any provider (like Hetzner) and if you don’t want to book a domain, then use like described here: Custom Certificates - SeaTable Admin Manual.
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Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words!

Looks like i overlooked the manual a bit, I’ll check it out!

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