SeaTable URL blocked by company security rule

Hi, I sent a link to an app (open access) to a customer who works in a very large technology company in Germany and the app was automatically blocked by the company’s system, stating that the link was not “trustworthy”.
The customer could ask the company IT why ST was blocked and request they unblock SeaTable.
I can supply you with the name of the company via direct mail. Please advise.

Thanks for your feedback. Please provide more information, if you have one. Your description “not trustworthy” does not give any hints about the reasons for the block.

This is what came up on screen when he tried to open the link. I don’t have direct access but he works for the company and can enquire about what the reasons for the block were. I will ask him to do so, but do not know how long he will need to find out.

Hallo, I have found out the reason why SeaTable was blocked. I would rather give it to you directly via email so I can also give you the name of the company. Please give me an email address I can send you the information.

Please send your information to

Thanks for the message. I answered you via email. If the company blocks on their notebooks or inside their network all domains with .io ending, it is their choice, and we can not do anything against it.

I will close this topic.

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