SeaTables API does not work with Excel-Views

I use the token i generated for my table, i tried both with readonly and read&write
I use the official syntax from the API SeaTable API Reference

Always the output if curled is: {“detail”:“Invalid token”}

My URL is:

What is wrong about my setup that it doesnt work? Even my api is the same as in the docs (but strangely the URL looks different)

what could be the reason?

Your post leaves my questions open:
1.) So you use SeaTable on-premises? Which version?
2.) Can the URL be resolved locally?
3.) Which token do you use for authenticating against SeaTable? The API token, the auth token or the base access token? (Please read up on it in the API manual, you find the section on authentication here.)
4.) What’s the exact command you use (token and URL can be redacted)

Btw: why a separate topic? Isn’t one enough?

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