Seatble structure using java-script

hey everyone, is there a way using java-script to get a complete structure off all bases (name / columns / rows etc.)? I would like to get this all in a new base. Thanks

Hi @freezle.

This is quite few information to be honest.
One option would be to simply duplicate a base for example.

Could you be more specific?
What should happen with existing data?
Are you looking for a synchronizing mechanism?


Hey @AkDk7 thanks for the quick reply.

I run seatbale on my own test server and have 24 different bases in 3 groups.
I would like to have 1 base with all the informations of the existing bases on my server. I would like to have a sort of overview. It should include base name , columns and rows (numbers).

Was thinking about something like this. Tutorial: Get a complete folder structure from a Seafile Server with a python-script

Hope this makes sense.


Hi @freezle.

I think you can’t get over this kind of limitation of the javascript implementation. Javascript in SeaTable, as far as I figured out, is bound to the base in which you execute it.

It would be much easier to write a python script since you can connect to any base by the url of the instance and a per base api key. Then you can fetch all tables and related columns of the bases. Finally you can insert this data in your overwatch base :slight_smile: For this you have to extend your installation with FAAS and a runner for python.

Would this suit you?

Thank you so much! This would be absolutely perfect.

Here you go.
This is a very simple script. It will not empty the target table nor update any row. It only inserts!

from seatable_api import Base, context

##### variables

# Add as many bases as you want. But you have to create an api key for each base you want to read from!
bases = [
        'url': 'https://???',
        'baseName': '???',
        'apiKey': '???',
        'url': 'https://???',
        'baseName': '???',
        'apiKey': '???',

targetTableName = 'Overview'

# If you don't run this script from SeaTable change ??? to the target SeaTable url and api key
targetUrl = '???'
targetApiKey = '???'


# you don't need to change anything below this line
targetServerUrl = context.server_url or targetUrl
targetServerToken = context.api_token or targetApiKey
targetBase = Base(targetServerToken, targetServerUrl)

batchRows = []

# run through all bases
for base in bases:
    baseName = base['baseName']
    tmpUrl = base['url']
    tmpToken = base['apiKey']
    # connect to the source base
    sourceBase = Base(tmpToken, tmpUrl)
    # get all table information
    metaData = sourceBase.get_metadata()
    for table in metaData['tables']:
        tableName = table['name']
        # all columns
        columns = [column['name'] for column in table['columns']]
        columns.sort(key = lambda x: x.lower())
        columnText = ', '.join(columns)
        # row count
        rowCountResult = sourceBase.query(f'SELECT count(*) AS nbr FROM `{tableName}`')
        rowCount = rowCountResult[0]['nbr']
        row = {
            'Base': baseName,
            'Table': tableName,
            'Columns': columnText,
            'Row count': rowCount,

# insert into the target table
targetBase.batch_append_rows(targetTableName, rows_data=batchRows)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help!!

Awesome, you’re welcome!

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